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24 February 2013 @ 09:21 pm
Age I was given: 11
I lived in: Berkeley Vale
I drove: A push bike
I was in a relationship with: Dale
I feared: Not much. I was right up the top of my primary school and was absolutely full of confidence. I think I was scared of Bobby's ghost on Home and Away and didn't walk past the fridge for quite some time but I wasn't like I am today.
I worked at: nowhere
I wanted to be: a teacher

Now I am: 26
I live in: Waratah. In my own little townhouse away from everyone else.
I am in a relationship with: noone.
I drive: A Toyota Corolla
I work at: Calvary Mater Newcastle
I fear: Anything beyond my control. I really don't cope with the unknown at all. Also; after last night the bamboo in the NEIGHBOURS yard (Scary storm!)
I want to be: a teacher. -