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A Taste of Insanity

The Way That I Live

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Hi I'm Nikki, I'm 22 and live on the sunny Central Coast...for now!!!

For the monies I'm a HIM at the Mater Hospital in Newcastle. I also work in Marketing & Admin for the Uni. This pays better monies, but isn't as regular, much to my disgust.

I will go from comfort to feeling like a stranger in 0.5 seconds. When this happens I drift. Or SMS.

Humour is my greatest asset. If I crack a joke, I'm bored, in a good mood, enjoying company of my friends, or uncomfortable. I exaggerate if it'll make someone laugh. I detest awkward situations and usually end up giggling (along with Kylie...).

I laugh. Lots. Often Inappropriately. Often out of nervousness. I am reknowned for explosive hiccups. I once had a fit in a deadly silent 800person lecture at Uni. And frequent attacks in Jnr School Math.

I have one true Best Friend, with whom I can talk with for hours. About nothing. And forget pretty much everything else whilst doing so. This is bad around exam time. I also have many other wonderful friends both of the net & RL variety. All of whom I love very much. And they know who they are. I hope.

Friend me and I shall Friend Back. Probably. I don't friends lock most of my journal. If you don't wish to read. Don't. Its as simple as that. I babble. I rant. I Rave. I COMPLETELY obsess. But its my journal so MEH!

I welcome friends, friends of friends, and anyone from any fandom I'm on. If I unfriend you. Don't be offended. But clearly we are very different types of people. Or your journal depresses me. This is no offence to you as a person. But I have enough of my own and my friends problems without having to become depressed or irritated by some angsty ramblings of some angsty preteen that I don't even know!

I am a netball NUTTER! Most of my LJ is gamerants, umprants & trainrants. Don't like it??? Don't READ!
I also have tendencies to rave incoherently about Sea Patrol, Rush, All Saints...and any other Australian drama...Don't like it? See above!!!

I am obsessive. I have been for as far back as I can remember. It's been suggested that this is a Gemini trait. But I have my doubts. *** This is something more powerfult then the stars ***